Why the pole dance at the Knesset is so revolutionary:

When the Israeli parliament voted to allow pole dancing on public streets, it wasn’t just an act of protest against the occupation and racism.

It was an act that would be seen in other countries as a statement of intent by the Israeli government to establish a pole dance industry in Israel.

The decision to allow the dance to take place on public street corners is part of a broader initiative to promote the “spirit of Israel” to the Israeli public.

The pole dance is a popular form of dance that was first practiced in the Middle East and is now practiced across the world, as well as in Israel, where it is considered a symbol of nationalism.

While the dance was banned in Israel as a form of “cultural appropriation” by the country’s religious establishment, it is being revived as a way to promote Jewish identity in the state.

“The pole dancing, or kachora, has long been a way of expressing the idea of Jewish identity and expressing the identity of the Jewish people in a way that is very different from what is happening in other parts of the world,” said Yair Lapid, the head of the Yesh Atid party.

The Israeli Knessets’ decision to permit pole dancing was also a reaction to a protest over the summer when the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that the kachoras ban on pole dancing violated freedom of religion.

Israel, which has more than 6,000 kachoras, has become one of the largest producers of the dance in the world.

But the dance is controversial in Israel because it has come under fire from the far right and its right-wing supporters for being a form that glorifies violence.

In July, two men were arrested and charged with violating the kocha ban after the Israeli police caught them dancing on a pole and filming the event on their cellphones.

“It is not just an expression of nationalism, it’s also an expression to affirm a certain way of life that is quite unique in the region and also to promote Israel’s existence,” said Moti Milrod, a senior fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.

“This dance is very much a part of the Israelite identity.”

According to Milrod and the organization’s research, a majority of Israelis have never danced a kachorah, but they are a popular dance in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Tel Aviv’s West Bank.

“Israel’s kachoria is very popular among young people,” Milrod said.

“It’s a very well-known dance in Israel.”

In recent years, the dance has been growing in popularity in Israel and has even been embraced by the ruling Likud party, which is one of Israel’s largest parties.

In 2014, Israel’s kochas ban was overturned by the Supreme Court after it ruled that its ruling was discriminatory.

According to Lapid and other pole dancing experts, the government’s decision to legalize the dance also shows that it is committed to the creation of an industry that is inclusive and that celebrates Jewish identity.

“I think the government wants to encourage the dancing community to take the kechora out of the equation,” Lapid said.

“They’re really proud of their position and are very proud of the kuchora as part of their identity and their way of living.

The kuchoras, we see, as a part-Jewish identity.

We want them to be part of our identity, so we want to see it as an equal and inclusive community.”

While the kakah is not legal in Israel for pole dancing in public, it has been legalized by the Ministry of Culture and the Kachora Federation.

The Ministry of the Interior, which administers the kchoras, has recently opened the kchaach, or pole, dancing section of its website, where people can purchase the necessary equipment.

But in a country where there are no official pole dancing clubs, the kacha has attracted a large number of new members.

“We are seeing more and more kachakas and pole dancing happening,” said Avraham Meir, the director of the Kacha Center, a group that offers pole dancing lessons to youth in the Jerusalem area.

“The kachacha is the way to get started, it gives a sense of belonging, and it’s not that the government is against kachas.”

Meir, who is also the headmaster of the Jerusalem Kacha Center, says the kaching community is now expanding in Israel in the hope of attracting new participants.

“There’s a lot of interest in learning kachachas and learning to be a pole dancer,” Meir said.

He says the growth of the community has been driven in part by the popularity of the video of the pole dancing.

“In a way, the pole dancers themselves are the people who are doing the dancing,” Meier said.

But not everyone agrees.

“To be honest, I don’t think the pole dances are good for any of us. They are

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