Why pole dancing? Why you should dance, says pole dancer

The dancing emoji is a symbol of the dancing process.

The pole dance is a dance of self-expression and, according to many pole dancers, an art form.

And the pole dance has become a source of fascination among dancers.

“I have this great admiration for pole dancing because it’s not only about the body, but about the soul, about the heart,” said dancer Laura Smith.

“You have to have a good soul, and you have to be willing to work on that.”

There are some pole dancers who feel the pole dancing is more about the spirit, but Smith says there is nothing wrong with a person wanting to do it.

“For me, I don’t think the pole dancer is necessarily going to have the same kind of heart that a typical person is,” she said.

“They might have the heart of a person who’s in love with dancing.

But they’re also going to be able to work really hard on it.”

Smith says she’s happy to share her pole dancing experiences, even if she has to go through some tough times.

“There’s definitely moments when I do have to go back to a certain pole because I can’t do the moves that I’ve always wanted to do,” she explained.

“It’s definitely a good thing, and I’m glad that I have this kind of opportunity to do what I want to do.”

The Canadian pole dance community has grown in the past decade.

According to the Canadian Dance Association, there are now around 1,500 Canadian pole dancers and more than 1,000 performers.

The dance industry is in the midst of a renaissance with the popularity of online classes and dance competitions.

“The demand for pole is so high that there’s a lot of new talent coming in, especially from around the world,” said pole dancer Rebecca Gaudreau.

“In many cases it’s just a matter of time until we see some of those dancers on stage.”

In her opinion, pole dancing has become more of a mainstream thing.

“If you look at the dance culture in the United States and Canada, we’re not just in the dance world.

We’re in the popular culture,” she added.

Gaudoup says it’s about the dance.

“This is really about what we love to do.

It’s about being together, being together in a social environment, being in a community, being a family,” she continued.

“That’s what the pole dancers do.”

Some pole dancers say they’ve experienced sexual harassment, and that it’s time to change the way they look at their dance.

In a recent interview with CBC News, Canadian pole dancer Michelle O’Neill said she has been sexually harassed.

“What it has gotten me is that I feel that I am being treated as a person and as a human being, and as an equal in society,” she told CBC.

O’Nell said she thinks it’s a matter for the dancers to do something about the behaviour, and to be open about it.

It is important that the pole community be open, and be transparent.

“So what we can do is start talking about it and talking about what happens, because the world is a really dangerous place,” she concluded.

Géraldine Boucher, a member of the Canadian National Ballet, said the pole is about sharing a body and soul with others.

“We need to work to make it safe for people to dance,” she noted.

“And then we have to work together to make sure that there are no repercussions.”

In addition to the pole, dancers are also part of a large, active and well-respected dance community.

“With a large group of dancers, we get to have more freedom and more space to work in,” said Boucher.

“One of the big advantages of being part of the community is that you get to be part of something bigger.”

But Boucher admits there are still challenges.

“Some of the dancers I know, they don’t have the confidence to be a dancer anymore, and they don-t feel comfortable dancing at all.

And they’re very anxious to move on.”

“I know there are some dancers that are really, really anxious to keep dancing, and it’s very difficult to tell them that they’re not good enough,” she stressed.

“But there are many other dancers that feel the same way.”

With files from CTV’s Canada Bureau Chief Laura Smith

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