When you’re a rock star, the sun sets, too!

A year ago, the dance music world was reeling.

The UK’s biggest stars were all ducking into the country for the Christmas period, the world was still reeling from the tsunami, and millions were still reeling in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

It was the year of the rock star.

And as a result, it was a tumultuous time for everyone. 

“I was not sure if I was ready for this,” former Bollywood singer-songwriter Akshay Kapoor said of his first year in the industry.

“I was living in a big house with lots of people and it was not my place.

I felt like I was not fit to play music.”

So he decided to start his own band.

And for years, he’s been working on his own songwriting, releasing his first single, ‘Gorilla’.

It’s a song that has been written on the fly and has already sold over one million copies. 

“When I was recording this song, I thought, this is what I want to do,” Kapoor told the BBC.

“When I did this song I was in a very bad place.”

He’s now the lead singer of a dance music group called Dances With Monsters.

And his new single, titled ‘Rain Dance’, is a perfect example of his success.

Kapoor says that he wrote the song while listening to the Rolling Stones and playing around with the drum kit.

“I just wanted to play it like a drum track.

I had never played drums in my life.

I thought it was weird to play a drum beat and have a pop song that’s a rock song.

I wanted to be able to say I was doing this for the fans,” Kapur said.

Kapoor’s song ‘Rain’ has been downloaded more than 1 million times.

And in the lead up to its release, Kapoor has had to overcome a number of obstacles.

He has to convince his parents that he’s serious about music and that he is ready to take the plunge into it.

“There was a lot of pressure from my parents, but I felt very comfortable,” Kapoon said.

“It’s my first album, it’s not for everyone and I don’t know if I can handle all the pressure that comes with it.” 

He has also had to put up with the antics of his older brother and his parents, and a string of controversies that have dogged his career.

“My family has always been very supportive of me, but also my friends and the fans have always been supportive of my career,” Kapao said. 

But despite his setbacks, Kapur has continued to work hard to make music that resonates with people around the world.

Kapur says that his biggest challenge has been finding the right people to work with.

“People are really open-minded about it.

There are some artists that don’t listen to music because it is too challenging,” Kapor said.”

But there are others that listen because they love music.”

The biggest challenge for Kapoor, however, has been that he has to take care of his family.

He says that despite his success, his parents still don’t seem to understand his music. 

The music industry is notoriously difficult. 

And with so many artists working hard to get their music out, it is not surprising that Kapoor’s parents are still not as well versed in the world of music as they should be. 

 “My parents are very ignorant and they have never been into music, and they still think that it’s too difficult,” Kapo said.

“They don’t understand that if you do a good job and work hard you will eventually become a successful artist.

But they are still ignorant about the art of music.”

The world of pop music has changed a lot in the last decade.

With new generations coming into the scene, it seems like there is a huge gap between the top of the music industry and the bottom. 

It’s no wonder that a lot people feel like there isn’t enough talent in the music business. 

There are also people that are still doing the same things as they did a decade ago, and these are the people that will continue to create the music that we all love. 

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