What do the ‘Shuffle Dance’ and ‘Napoleon Dynamite Dance’ have in common?

The dance song of the year, ‘Napping at the Beach’, has been voted the best dance song ever.

The song is credited to the British actor Anthony Hopkins and the music is a mix of hip-hop, soul, rock and disco.

Napping on the Beach was released in 1962, just three years before the first James Bond movie was released.

The title of the song is an homage to the 1964 film starring Sir Alec Guinness.

The dance track was first performed in 1962 by two jazz-rockers, James and Sam Smith, and has been sampled by artists including Alicia Keys, Justin Bieber and Madonna.

The band have been performing it regularly for more than 20 years, and the track has become a staple of hip hop and rock music.

The original song was performed by the Beach Boys in 1967.

In 2003, the Beach boys released the second and final Beach Boys album, Beach Boys III.

They have also played the song live in concert on a number of occasions.

In 2016, they released a live version of the Beach Boy song, “Napping in the Beach”, which they sang in a live video from the set of the film.