“The Wop Dance” – ‘Last Dance’

Brazilian dance music is known for its dance moves that are designed to make the audience feel like they’re dancing on stage.

This year, the Brazilian dance world has experienced a new wave of new music and dance styles.

We caught up with Brazilian dance artist Gandy Dancer to get the lowdown on this year’s dance moves.

Q: What are the most recent dance moves you’re doing?

A: I am doing a new version of “Bambu,” which is the song that is featured in the video for my new song “Last Dance.”

I was inspired by Brazilian dance moves because I saw that in Brazil, we have these very beautiful Brazilian dances, and so I thought, “This is what I can do.”

I love dancing and it’s been so rewarding to see what the Brazilian people are doing.

Q) What is your favorite dance move?

A) I like to be on top.

I do it like a French dancer and I just put my hands on the dancer’s body.

It’s really sexy, so I enjoy doing it.

Q) What kind of dance do you like to do?A