It was a big night for the Riga Dance Club, but there was one person who wasn’t there to celebrate.

The dance floor was empty.

The club had hosted the biggest show of the weekend, with over 200,000 fans watching.

The dancers had just finished their performances, but not before they had sold out every venue and were in line for the concession stand.

“We were the biggest sellout of the night,” said Igor Ivanov, a member of the club who is from Riga.

The dance hall had a large stage, where the dancers would play their favourite songs on repeat.

But the show had already ended and all the dancers were gone, leaving only the stage and the dance floor.

“The audience is still standing, the customers are still there,” Ivanov said.

“They are just empty seats.”

While they were leaving, the dancers did some dance, but their songs had already been cut off.

“At this moment, the audience is empty.

There is no music,” Ivanova said.

The venue’s director, Andrei Semenov, told CNN the crowd was split between those who came to watch the dance and those who were buying merchandise.

“It was a good show, but we need to look after our staff.

There were some staff who were working overtime, but the money for that is not there,” Semenovic said.

And that’s exactly what happened on Sunday.

The Russian Dance Club has been on a tear since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989.

The Russian Dance Association is one of the biggest dance organizations in Russia.

But for the past 10 years, the club has been struggling to make ends meet.

In the end, the Russian Dance Council raised funds from investors, but those funds have been dwindling as the club is unable to pay staff.

“This is a tragedy for the dancers and the people of the Russian dance industry,” said Semenovich, adding that the club will close down for good this week.

A similar situation happened in November last year when the Moscow Dance Club was forced to close due to financial difficulties.

“As of now, we are closed, we will close on Wednesday,” a manager told CNN.

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