Napolean Dynamite Dance Classes: What to expect in 2017

We know how to dance, but what does it really mean to be a baby?

How to learn a new dance or make a new friend?

Is it possible to be “born a little bit” or “born to dance”?

Find out at

It’s an experience that we want to share with you as soon as possible, so check out the class dates below to learn how to be the baby, and learn to be your own best-in-class.

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The classes take place in two locations: a traditional rehearsal room in London and the newly opened Napolean Dance studio in New York.

The studios are open daily from 12pm to 5pm, from 10am to 6pm, and from 11am to 5.30pm, so make sure you’re up to date with the latest news!

If you have any questions about Napolean, the studio, or the classes, feel free to get in touch via email or by contacting us via Twitter @NapoleanDance or Instagram @NapoleonDynamites.