Macarena Dance Classes Are Getting More Dangerous Than Ever

Macarendas Dancing Bear, a young toddler, had a lot of fun on stage this past summer at a dance class held at a local school.

The Macarenas, a popular dance group at the school, had planned a dance on July 10th.

The event was cancelled due to the threat of a man wielding a butcher knife at the party.

On July 13th, the school decided to hold a second dance class, and the Macarenda, in an effort to help the community and keep the kids safe, decided to organize a dance at their home.

However, on July 15th, as the Macaresnes were leaving the classroom, the teacher realized that the school was being infiltrated by the man who had tried to steal the party, and that she was about to lose her job.

When the Macarennas and the school staff went to the school to check on the situation, they found that the man had escaped, and had fled in a truck.

The Macarenes were worried, and decided to put on a show to get him caught.

The teacher decided to set up a camera on the truck and film the entire incident with the intention of keeping the man in the news and showing that people who live in rural communities can be as dangerous as people who drive cars.

As the video below shows, the Macarentas and the teachers went up to the truck with a camera crew in tow, to film the whole incident.

The truck is not exactly a normal car, but the video shows how the truck is designed to look like a truck, and how it was used as a weapon.

The students and the teacher were able to capture video of the man driving the truck, as he is driving away.

The man is seen walking away with the teacher, and then the teacher and the children get back in the truck to film their encounter.

The footage from the video camera shows the man walking towards the Macarelnas, and they try to chase him, but he gets out of the truck.

They are then able to catch up to him, and he is apprehended and taken into custody.

When he was arrested, the man was charged with felony burglary, as well as two counts of felony criminal mischief, and possession of a dangerous weapon.

According to local police, the suspect is being held on $250,000 bond, and was taken to the Washington County Detention Center.

The video of him being taken into a police vehicle and being escorted into custody can be seen below:

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