How to live a ‘sexy dance’ lifestyle

“You want to live your life like a dance.”

That’s how one of the world’s most influential dance teachers and choreographers describes the seductive power of dance.

“Dance is about power, being powerful, being a hero,” says Tasha Anderson, founder of the dance studio, Lips.

“It’s about how you make other people feel powerful.”

And while it’s not exactly a new idea, it’s something that is starting to gain traction in the mainstream with the launch of a new dance video game and a new generation of dance-centric apps.

Dance teacher Tasha talks about how to create a “sexy dancing” lifestyle with her new game Lips: How to Live a Sexy Dancing Life.

Anderson’s “sextu” is one of a handful of dance apps and games to offer this type of freedom to dance students, and she hopes to see the same trend in her own future.

“We’re all at the same stage in life and we’re all really passionate about it,” she says.

Lips is a game where students dance to music and watch their performance as they move through a virtual reality experience, all while watching videos on their phones.

In this interactive app, students have the option to listen to audio tracks, or play the game as it was meant to be played, with music, music videos, and video clips of their dance moves.

It’s a move Anderson says has really taken off.

Students can choose to record their moves in a video or upload their own, or they can even record themselves, which is another option for students who want to take a different approach to learning.

“The kids that have been watching me do it for the last six years, they’re so happy with it,” Anderson says.

They’re like a kid at heart.” “

They want to start doing it themselves, and they’re really good at it.

They’re like a kid at heart.”

Anderson has also developed her own app that allows students to “tune in” to her performances, which can then be accessed on their phone.

She says students can tune in to her videos via her Facebook page and then use their smartphone as a controller to create their own dance moves in real time.

“If you’ve got your own music, you can record the dance with your smartphone and play it, and you can also take it to the gym, if you’re really into that kind of thing,” Anderson explains.

Dance videos can be viewed on a variety of platforms, but Anderson says the app has already been downloaded over one million times.

“It’s just been amazing,” she laughs.

“I think it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Anderson is also creating her own apps for students to download.

One app she has created is called Tasha Dance.

It has a “futuristic” design which is similar to the video games that have dominated the mobile dance industry.

Anderson explains that she decided to make the app for the mobile age because it was time-consuming for students and they needed a solution to the choreography problem.

She explains that students can create their personal dance routines, upload it to Lips and then it will be uploaded to the app on the phone.

Once the app is uploaded to Lipps, students can then upload it back to the phone for students.

It also allows students the ability to share videos, which Anderson says is something that’s been missing from the app scene.

With her new app, Anderson says she’s taking a step forward in the mobile world.

“This is really important, especially now, because it’s becoming more and more common for us to see these apps,” she explains.

“When we had the first app that we created in 2013, we had to download a million times to make it work.

I think the next thing we can do is bring these technologies together and see how we can create a dance app that’s more of a social app.” 

The Lips app is available to download on iOS and Android devices.

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