How to Get Your Dance Flick Heard at SXSW

A dance flick adaptation of the 1970s Disney film, “Cinderella” has hit theaters.

The film stars “Caitlin” and the “Penguins” singer-songwriter “Ariel” and is directed by James Gunn.

“Cenderella” stars Taron Egerton, Cate Blanchett, Sophie Turner, Josh Gad, and Michaela Watkins, with a production team including writer/director James Gunn, cinematographer Peter Weir, costume designer John Ostrander, and choreographer Mike Dorn.

“It’s an exciting time to be a filmmaker in America,” Gunn said in a statement.

“With Pixar and Universal Studios, it is always about creating the best experiences for our fans. “

This is a dream come true for all of our teams at Universal Studios,” Gunn added.

“With Pixar and Universal Studios, it is always about creating the best experiences for our fans.

I’m honored to be able to collaborate with some great people at Pixar, and we are looking forward to seeing this new take on the Cinderella story at SXSF.”

“Cute and Dandy,” which opened in the United Kingdom and Canada on June 30, is a sequel to 2016’s “Cuteness,” which stars Jennifer Lopez and Emily Blunt.

“We are thrilled to welcome the world of ‘Cutenes’ to ‘Cute & Dandy’ this summer,” said Kristen Anderson-Lopez, whose “Cutie” won a Golden Globe for Best Original Screenplay.

“There’s no better way to kick off the summer than with our favorite Disney princesses.

With the incredible talent at Pixar and the amazing talent at Universal, we can’t wait to see how the film and the story unfold.

Thank you, @Pixar and @Universal for your support of ‘cuteness’.” The film also stars Kristen Bell, who was a surprise cast member in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” and will play Belle, the heroine of “Beautiful Beasts and Where to Find Them.”

Disney will distribute the film in the U.S. and Canada.

Disney’s release date is not yet set.

“Beautys” was a critical and box office success, earning $1.7 billion worldwide.

“The Beauty and the Beasts” film is expected to open in second place this weekend with $4.3 million, according to Box Office Mojo.

The “Catch Me if You Can” sequel, “Beautifully” starring Emma Stone and Chris Pratt, is slated to open on March 7.

The Weinstein Company is releasing the film with Warner Bros. and Paramount.