How to dress to impress with baby dirty dancing

GIANNA DANCE MOMS, who opened a Miami salon last year, is gearing up for her latest campaign.

The Florida salon specializes in baby dirty dance moms — or people who do baby dancing for the first time — with a focus on styles that cater to a diverse clientele.

A few years ago, Gianna Dance Mom’s founder and CEO, Giselle Carrera, began experimenting with the idea of selling baby dance moms her own products.

“We wanted to offer something that wasn’t only a high-end boutique brand but also something that people can really afford,” Carrera said.

Carrera opened a boutique called The Baby Dance Mom in the trendy Midtown shopping center in March of 2016.

Carrares mother, Michelle Garcia, said her business has been a huge success.

“Michelle’s the only mother in the world who can dance the way I do,” she said.

Garcia’s baby dancing has brought her fame and fortune.

Her clients include President Trump and many celebrities.

The couple has also raised money for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The Carrasas own jewelry, jewelry and accessories store.

“The Baby Dance Mother’s goal is to provide quality and affordable beauty to a global audience,” Carrarera said in a statement.

“They want to help create the next generation of baby dancers with their high-quality products and services.”

In the meantime, Giannas daughter, Gabriela, and son, Landon, are busy raising money for their mom’s cause.

Gabriella started the GoFundMe page.

It’s been going strong since December of last year.

The page was started to support the couple and their new salon.

They’ve raised nearly $150,000.

And on January 8, Giannaras daughter, Laniya, gave a concert to raise money for Gianna’s cause at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Gianna says she’s working on a new salon with her daughter, so she’ll have something to brag about when she’s finished.

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