How to Dress Like a Dancer in 7 Easy Steps

Dance moms cast members Amy and Jennifer Lappin, as well as dance mom/actor Michelle Yeoh, have all given us their take on how to dress as a dance mom.

“There’s no one ‘right’ way to dress, but there are a lot of people who are comfortable with a lot more than you’re comfortable with,” Michelle Yeol wrote in her Instagram.

“But for me, I’m comfortable wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

I love to play dress up and I love going to parties.”

Amy Lappen said she doesn’t wear heels or any high heels.

“If it’s too long, I can wear a skirt,” she said.

“You know, it’s the easiest way to go about it.”

Michelle Yeohn said the main difference between wearing a skirt and a dress is that a skirt is more “sexy.”

“You don’t have to worry about making a big deal of it,” she explained.

“It doesn’t make you look like a weirdo.”

Michelle Lappens mom, actress and dance mom Amy Lapps on her style and fashion advice.

“I just feel like, ‘Oh, it can’t be that bad.’

I’ve been going through this and it just doesn’t feel right to me.

So I’m kind of like, this is just so embarrassing and it’s just so not comfortable.”

Michelle Womens mom Michelle Wommens on what it’s like to dress like a mom.

The Mamas and the Papas star has had a lot to say about her style.

“In my mind, I think I have the most beautiful body.

I don’t know, I just feel so comfortable in my own skin,” Michelle Woms said in an interview with the Inquisitr.

“So for me to just say that is like, it is what it is.”

Amy Womans style and dress advice is pretty much the same as Michelle’s.

“The biggest thing for me is just to make sure I’m wearing clothes that fit.

I really don’t care about what anyone else thinks about it,” Amy Woms told The Inquisitro.

“And it’s really not important what people think about it because I’m so happy to have this life, I’ve got my family, and I’ve always loved dancing.”

“I think that’s my biggest thing, I feel so blessed,” Amy said.

Michelle Wands style and style advice: “I don’t really care what people say.

It’s okay to say anything you want, but it doesn’t really matter.”

Michelle said she enjoys dressing like a mother because it gives her a sense of security.

“This is the way I’m always going to be,” she told the Inquisatr.

Michelle said there are so many things she can do that she doesn`t even think about.

“We’re so lucky in this world that there are these people that do care,” she added.

“They have so many positive things to say and I think that that’s just what it really comes down to, just living life.

You know, just be yourself.”

Michelle and Amy also discussed what it means to be a mother and how to be comfortable being a mom in the world today.

“My main thing is just being a good mother, I love being a mother, and that’s all I’m trying to do,” Michelle said.

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