How to dance in a jungle

A mysterious woman in India has told how she danced with her friends in a remote village in the Himalayan region of Jammu and Kashmir and how she fell in love with a stranger who was dancing with her.

The mystery woman, who is known as Durga, told CNN India that she fell for a mysterious man who was visiting her home village of Khairpur in the remote Himalayan town of Guddu.

The mysterious man told Durga that he was an expert in dance and she took him on a journey to see the dancing.

Durga said the two were dancing when they fell in LOVE.

Durga told CNN Indian: ‘I fell in Love with this man, and I fell in Trance with him.

He started to dance with me.

I was so happy that I fell into Trance with this amazing dancer.’

Durga danced with the mysterious man for a few hours and then he fell in a trance, and danced with Durga again for two days.

Dua’s friend who is also a dancer, told the TV channel that he had no idea how the mysterious woman got involved in the dance.’

I was shocked, but he did say that the woman was dancing, and that he fell and danced too,’ said the friend, who wished to remain anonymous.’

So she came back to us, she got her dancing shoes on, she put her feet in the shoes, she had no clothes on, and she danced.’

Dua said the mystery man was ‘expert in dance’.

Durga also told CNN that the mysterious dancing man came to her home, but when she went to her room she saw that she was not the same person she had met the night before.

Dua had asked Durga to marry her, but the woman refused to marry anyone but her mysterious lover.

Dwarf dancing has long been a popular tradition in India, but not every village in Jammu has a dance hall where people can practice their dancing.

The village of Gudspur, where the mysterious dance was performed, has several small dance halls, but they are usually closed on weekends and for special occasions, including weddings.

Dhya told CNN she had been with Dua for about two days when she noticed something strange.’

She came and sat next to me in her house.

She asked me to dance, and then she started dancing with me,’ Durga told the television channel.’

Then she fell asleep in my arms.’

Dhya then went to Durga’s friend’s house and when she returned to her friend’s home, Durga was gone.’

At that moment, I fell asleep again in my friend’s arms.

I woke up in my own house and there I saw her naked body,’ Dua told CNN.’

My friend said she had just seen my friend naked.

I told her that she must have fallen asleep in the house.’

The woman was so shocked that she took Durga for a test drive, but she told CNN Durga had gone off to dance.

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