How to Dance, Bill Dance and Pole Dancing in Ireland

The Irish Dance Troupe has published a list of rules that can help you get the best out of your Irish Dance performances, from the way you sit to the number of chairs you should have on hand.

The rules cover everything from the number and type of dancers to how much music to play and even the height of your pole.

Each performer is given the same amount of time, which can be anywhere between five minutes to four hours depending on how good they are.

But the rules are more specific than that.

If you want to perform a pole dance, you can have the dancers sit at a height of one metre from the pole.

You can also have them stand on a chair for up to eight minutes.

When it comes to the dancing, you are required to be in a certain position, with one hand on the ground, one hand behind the head and one hand facing away from the performer.

You can also be asked to stop dancing if you are injured or dizzy or have to perform with a partner or friend.

There are also a couple of other things you should know about the Irish Dance.

It can take up to 10 hours to perform, but you can work a longer time if you have an appropriate pole and dance partner.

After the 10-hour mark, the performer has three minutes to rest and then you get a free dance.

That time is to be split equally between the two dancers.

If you are the top performer, you get one minute, the other two get one and the rest of the performers get two minutes.

If you have no pole, you will have to stand and wait for the next dance.

If there are more dancers, you have to wait until everyone is done dancing.

You then get a second chance to dance.

It’s a simple and safe way to show your passion for the Irish dance.