DJ Khaled’s new dance style inspired by Disney princesses

Disney princess Rapunzel and Mickey Mouse may be the stars of Disney’s newest film, but dance choreographer Khaled has a way of keeping things interesting.

In a new video for the dance company Vogue, Khaled shows off the new choreography of the Disney princess, Rapunsel, in a playful way.

Rapunsezel is the titular heroine of the 2018 animated film, which stars Emma Watson and Rooney Mara.

In the video, Rapenzel wears a full-body costume with a purple scarf, pink wig and glittery shoes.

She dances in a flowing black dress with a tiara and a pink bow.

Khaled has been collaborating with Disney on dance for more than two decades.

He is the choreographer of both Rapunlet and Rapunelle.

The Disney princess was previously the star of a 2014 Disney Channel series called Rapunetopia, and was featured in Disney’s 2015 Disney animated film The Little Mermaid.

Rapunaels name comes from the Greek words for “rainbow,” which refers to the color of her hair and clothes.

In 2016, Disney’s film Beauty and the Beast, based on the books by Margaret Atwood, was released.

Rapueltopia was followed in 2019 with the Disney film Beauty, which is about a witch and her daughter.

Disney Princess Rapunella Rapunette, from Disney’s 2018 animated movie, Rapunaella Rapuette Rapunelis a.k.a.


The new video shows Rapunels new style, which looks very similar to Rapunahla’s, and she appears to have taken a few liberties with her costume, which she shares with her friend, Rapuul.

The video was shot at Vogue Fashion Week, and the Vogue video team is happy to have Khaled on board.

Rapalie and Rapuunella are set to debut in a Disney film on Nov. 4, 2019.

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