Disco Dancer, Disco Queen to take over Irish Dance Halls

Disco dancing queen Donna Ritchie is set to take control of Ireland’s biggest dance halls after winning the right to run the industry’s biggest events.

Donna Rickey will run the company’s Irish Dance Hall and the National Music Hall in Dublin.

She will also be in charge of the Dublin Dance Festival and the Cooley Festival.

The new head of the Irish Dance Company, Donna Riggi, said she was honoured to be named the new owner of Ireland ‘s largest dance hall, The Cooley, in Dublin on Tuesday. 

“I am absolutely delighted to be appointed by the Irish dance company to run their Irish Dance House and National Music Halls.

I am incredibly excited to bring a brand new vision and vision for the future of the dance industry in Ireland and I am confident that my team will achieve this vision,” Donna Riggins said. 

The Irish Dance Group is an Irish dance group based in the UK and has a history of running over 100 dance halls across the UK.

Donna’s appointment was confirmed in a meeting between the Irish government and the company in November 2016.

She is due to be in Ireland in March next year to launch her new venture. 

It’s a move that will see her turn the Cooyo dance hall into an entirely new event with new dance programming and a new look.

The Irish Dance Association (IDA) is the organisation that runs the Cooney Festival in Dublin and the Dublin Music Festival, as well as the National and Cooley Music Halls in Cork. 

I have always been an artist and I’m really excited to be leading this company and its global vision of Irish dance, said Donna Ricksi, who is currently based in Dublin working as a director of the IDA. 

Dublin is known for its dance culture, but the city also has a lot of heritage in dance, she said.

She said that the new dance hall will be a “very special place for Ireland and a very special place to dance.” 

“We are really looking forward to seeing this new Irish Dance company take over and run the Irish Music Hall and Cooney festival.

We will have a completely new and exciting experience for the whole city and everyone who attends,” she said, adding that she hopes that the company will be able to deliver on its promise of providing a “great and fun” experience for everyone. 

A key part of the new Irish dance venture will be the Coony Festival, which will feature performances from international artists. 

Donna said that while she had not been involved in the Irish music scene, she had seen a lot happening in the world of dance, especially in the United States. 

She said that she hoped the new Ireland Dance company would be able play an important role in helping to make Dublin a “more vibrant city”. 

“The Cooney is a great festival, it’s an international festival and we’re really looking for the Irish company to be part of that, and hopefully I can see this festival flourish into a bigger, better and better event,” she added. 

If you would like to follow more of the news from Ireland, please visit the Irish Government website at www.gov.ie/national-music-hall-announcement. 

For more information on the Coooney Festival, you can go to the Coooy Festival website. 

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