Daughter’s ‘gigantic’ new dance book sells 1.4 million copies in India

NEW DELHI: GINO DANCE MOMS is the biggest dance book in India with a huge number of sales, the publisher said on Tuesday.

Its debut in the country on Tuesday, the new dance course book, with a cover of a young girl dancing in a glittering gown, sold 1.5 million copies, the firm said.

The book also had a global sales of nearly 1.2 million.

The publisher said the book, which was first released in India in April 2017, was the “largest dance book sold in India”.

“The number of the book sold and the sales of it is huge, this is the first dance book by a gini dance mother.

The author, Gini Dancer Mom, is a global star in India, which is the main market for gini dances,” Gini Dance Mom said.”

The book is the best-selling book in the world and its success shows that our products are truly global,” Gino Dancer Mother said.

The book also has a global market share of about 70%.

It has been available in India for over four years, but the book had not been released in English.

Gini Dance Mother, who is based in India and has a UK-based agency, said the launch was the most exciting moment for the brand and it was lucky to have been a part of this.

“It’s been such a long journey.

I’m very excited about the next chapter.

I know this is an amazing book.

I am so happy about the brand, the brand is a brand that has helped to make me a better person,” she said.

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