“Dancing” to be banned in UK amid concerns over ‘toxic’ culture

From: The Mirror To: The Guardian, 8 November 2009 12:47:49 1.

Dancing is not a sport but a social experience.

It is an art form, an art of expression.

We do not want it in the UK.

It is not safe.2.

Dancers should be allowed to use their own language and style, even when it is offensive.


Dancer’s performance should be judged on their own merits and not based on gender.4.

Dancers who choose to wear a dress should not be judged based on their body shape.


The UK should not become the laughing stock of the world for dancing.6.

Dancing should not affect anyone’s physical or mental health.7.

Dance music should not use vulgar language or offend anyone.8.

Dancing can be an enjoyable, healthy and joyful activity.

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