‘Dance of the Dead’ Review: I think it’s a lot of fun, but the ending is just too much like a movie

The final scene of “Dance Of The Dead” had me on the edge of my seat.

While it is a comedy, it is also an homage to the classic horror flick, and it’s been around since 1972.

And while the film has been compared to the cult classic “Friday The 13th,” it was a different movie altogether.

It’s based on a horror story written by Robert Bloch and drawn by Charles Burns, a Canadian cartoonist.

The film is set in New York City during the Great Depression.

The main character is a young boy named Ed who lives with his parents and brother in a rundown apartment.

In this story, he meets a ghost named Kala, a woman named Mimi, and her husband, the ghostly Billy.

The two are a couple and they live in a small apartment.

But after Ed goes missing, Mimi goes to the police to find out what happened.

Ed is then kidnapped and then killed by the ghosts.

Ed goes to see Mimi’s father, but he’s killed by his brother, who also goes missing.

Ed then meets Kala and Mimi.

Ed’s brother is the only one who believes in ghosts.

He takes Ed back to his apartment, where Kala has placed him in the basement, where she is afraid of him.

Ed finds Mimi and they are married.

However, Mama dies.

After the marriage is over, Ed is left alone with Kala.

He meets Billy and discovers that he’s not a ghost.

Billy tells him that Kala is still alive and that they are still together.

Ed asks Mimi to come back to the apartment with him and they have sex.

The next day, Ed finds out that Mimi is still dead.

But Mimi tells Ed that Kara, the woman who loves him, is still around.

She’s in a different apartment.

When Ed asks her, she says she is still in love with him.

He asks her to come with him to her new apartment.

Mimi then goes with him but she doesn’t return with him because she wants to go to a party with her boyfriend, Billy.

But Billy comes and finds out who Mimi really is.

She asks him to come too.

So Billy comes with Mimi with him, but she also tells him not to come because she has to go back to her apartment.

And Mimi wants to come to her old apartment too.

After Billy leaves, he comes back with Mums apartment and discovers a very strange situation.

There are ghosts inside.

Mums old apartment has a dead body in the attic.

The ghost in the old apartment is a ghost that has been around for years and has been watching over Ed.

The ghosts are still alive, and they want Ed to go there and see if they can help him.

Billy decides to go alone to the old place, and the ghosts follow him.

But the ghost inside Mums house also has a different purpose for Ed.

It wants Ed to watch over Mums sister, Mima, who is also a ghost in Mums living room.

The three friends get into a car and drive off to find Mima.

They find her dead, and Ed and Billy go after her.

The movie ends with Mima being trapped inside a garbage can in a strange house.

But when Ed and his friends find her, Mimas body is still there.

Ed and Mima finally meet and decide to be together.

But they can’t get married because of the ghosts, and Billy, Ed, and Mim are stuck together.

Mim is trapped in the garbage can forever.

But there is hope for Mima when the two meet up with Billy, who has been trapped in a house.

When they return to Mim’s apartment, she reveals that she’s still in the trash can and can see them.

She wants them to go home with her and get married, but Mima tells them to stay there and help her, and she will be waiting.

The characters of Mima and Ed are very funny.

Ed becomes a good friend to Mima after the ghost is killed.

He becomes a better friend to Billy after Billy helps Mima escape from the house.

Mima has a lot in common with Mim as she’s a girl who loves her father and she wants him to be a good husband.

Mimes story is very touching, but also very dark.

Mims family is torn apart by the ghost.

Ed gets the job as the garbage collector and Mims dad tries to help his son.

Mimmas father also gets killed by ghosts.

The ending is a little disappointing.

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