Bodybuilder loses 2lbs while doing yoga

The bodybuilder and yoga instructor who lost 2lbs of body fat while doing his yoga has been awarded $15 million by a jury in California.

According to the verdict, a jury awarded the gym owner $15,000 per day for the four months he did yoga, which included weekly classes.

Deeyee Nettles, 48, who has been a yoga instructor for 17 years, said he used his yoga mats to clean his body every other day and his diet consisted of a vegetarian diet and healthy fats.

Nettles lost his 2lb of body weight in just three months.

He said he lost a total of 2.7lbs and has been trying to lose weight since then.

He said his family and friends have encouraged him to do more yoga and to do it more often.

A former fitness instructor who went to law school to become a police officer said he was “totally shocked” to see the jury award Nettes.

“It’s a pretty big deal,” said Michael D. Miller, a former member of the Los Angeles Police Department.

“I was just so shocked that this happened.

It’s like I was reading the news and all of a sudden I was sitting in a courtroom.”

Miller was a former police officer and now works as a private investigator.

He was surprised to see that Nettens was awarded a total payout, saying that it seemed like a “nice amount of money.”

The verdict also said that Nets could not recover the amount of his medical expenses because he didn’t disclose any of the medical tests that were done.

Nettls family was not present at the trial, which lasted less than an hour.

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