Slow Motion Dance – Raghav Juyal

Slow Motion Dance

Slow Motion Dance is dancing normally recorded footage at slower speed.A dance form where there is nothing more to learn but there is a lot to do. Slow motion dance is very attractive dance form where there is less energy and more entertainment.

Raghav Juyal – Magic in his Dance

Slow motion dance in India was started and made famous by Raghav Juyal (also known as Crockroaxz )l. He is an Indian Choreographer and actor.He is known as the king of Slow Motion. He is also known for the Reinvention of the slow motion walk.

When Rraghav Juyal gave his first slow motion dance performance, his magic had spread everywhere in India. People started following him like crazy.

We can easily say in India, Raghav Juyal is the name of Slow motion dance and Slow motion dance is the name of Raghav Juyal.

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